From the wisdom of the Brilliant Purple Butterfly:

Be Strong — Have Faith — Never Give Up

If you know a young person who has been faced with a cancer diagnosis, you are aware of the challenges of helping them talk through their feelings and emotions. Cora and the Brilliant Purple Butterfly is an Interactive Journey and Diary of Healing and is based on the premise of being strong, having faith, and never giving up. Purple butterflies have, for centuries, been seen as a symbol of joy, positive thinking, and ultimate strength. Some cultures even see the purple butterfly as a sign of good luck. Cora and the Brilliant Purple Butterfly is a cleverly written story of the bravery, faith, and courage of a young girl, who is faced with the scary diagnosis of cancer. This interactive book guides the reader through Cora’s story, yet also provides pages of opportunities for those with similar stories to share their OWN thoughts and feelings in both words, and pictures. This book, created for ages 5-12, invites the reader to share their personalized journey throughout each step of their interactions and experiences toward healing.



Allison Byrd-Haley


Jordan E. Gosnell


Nicol Law


Lori Dixon